A Nightmare from Start to (very quick) Finish!

I almost feel like one of those policemen in the films, waving their hands and calling out “Move on – there’s nothing to see here!” Nevertheless, I shall retell my short tale of woe.When last Friday came around I was utterly knackered, and couldn’t have dug out, and carted around, the heavy beach gear even if I’d wanted to. Dai and I were both itching to get our lure accounts opened, so we decided to hit up the Neath River.The conditions were lovely when we arrived, with an hour to go until high water.

Of course, we were tackled up and in the water in no time, itching to get at the bass.

We couldn’t have been fishing for more than half an hour when, during casting, I heard a crunching noise. I couldn’t see anything, so carried on fishing. Well, I tried to.As I teed up the next cast, the rod flopped in my hand like a shot snake. A quick inspection revealed the fact that my Abu Diplomat spinning rod had suffered a catastrophic failure in the second section from the tip.

The rod didn’t just snap, it shattered, looking like a car had run over it. As I was walking, the trashed rod sounded like a packet of smashed crisps. Nightmare! What made it even worse was the fact that ut was less than a year old and had been used six times at most.That was that. I told Dai to carry on fishing, but he didn’t want to fish if I couldn’t.He messaged me later with a screenshot from the Amazon review page for this rod, which contained a few reports of smashed rods, prompting me to question the quality of the blank. I now await a response from Abu before deciding what to do next, but even if they do manage to come up with a spare section, I think I may have now lost all confidence in the rod, unsurprisingly! We shall see.

About simon smith

Teacher, husband, father, angler and author based in South Wales.
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2 Responses to A Nightmare from Start to (very quick) Finish!

  1. Baitdigger says:

    Hi Simon I think it is good to recall the disasters as well as the triumphs. I have a Silstar 10-40 g lure rod you can borrow until you get sorted out if you want? it’s not much of a prize but I picked it up in Ireland when I snapped the tip of my Hart. There isn’t much spine to it but I have had some nice pollack on it. If you want to use it let me know?


    • simon smith says:

      Hi Neil,
      Thank you so much for the kind offer. Luckily, Dai is an inveterate collector of tackle-related bits and pieces, so has a spare rod or two knocking around. Really appreciate the offer though.👍Good session at Rhossili by the way.

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