It’s been quite some time wince I’ve posted for a number of reasons. First up is the end of the summer holidays which, of course, means that the workload has come tumbling in like an avalanche once more.

The year keeps trundling on and we have once again reached meteorological autumn

a time when many begin to tut, turn up their collars and look pensively the skies for rain, winds, sleet and, dare I say it, snow, over the weeks and months ahead. Not me though.

Although the blog has been quiet, I haven’t been completely idle, in fact, I’ve been ringing the changes.

I did get out to Rest Bay a few weeks back hoping for a big bass, and managing only a dogfish and a schoolie for my troubles.

It wasn’t the fish that were the main point about this session though. Although I only had a short walk from the car to the beach, my back was in half for days afterward. Over the next few days I did quite a bit of soul searching. I’m only 38 now, but I’m not going to get younger, and so I decided to accelerate a process that had started some months before.

Dai and I have slowly but surely developed an interest in lure fishing. For Dai, this grew on the back of his river exploits, but for me it’s something that has always simmered away on the back burner, mostly getting an airing in the summer months.

I’ve kept a sparse lure setup on the go, and we’ve been varying our sessions between beach fishing and lure fishing. I haven’t had any success yet, but Dai has had a couple of fish to be fair to him, and we’re both really enjoying the learning curve.

We haven’t given up on beach fishing yet (there will always be a place for beach fishing in my life) and we’re very much looking forward to the winter season to come, but lure fishing now has a large foothold in my life. So, I’ve spent the last few weeks thinning out my beach tackle and investing in the lure set up.

As can be seen from the pictures it’s early days, and I’m building up the collection of lures. I haven’t caught anythig on the lures yet, but am enjoying every session that comes our way.

The most recent was one of those beautiful end-of-summer days that meant a nice walk in lovely weather to the mark

scoffing handfuls of ripe blackberries on the way.

It was refreshing not to get soaked for a change, with Dai getting the early shower instead!

This wasn’t enough to put a dampener on watching a beautiful harvest moon rise over the shingle bank behind us

and enjoying a cold (non-alcoholic, of course) beer

that Dai had thoughtfully brought along for us.

That moon, though, is a very bright reminder that we are entering my favourite time of year – whiting, cod, dabs and, cross the fingers and toes, a lure caugh bass?! Let’s hope so.

The leaves are falling,

the garden spiders are going into overdrive,

the winds are building and the anticipation is rising.

Tight lines.

About simon smith

Teacher, husband, father, angler and author based in South Wales.
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